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The Story So Far
Part the First:
I Lost My Heart
Part the Second:
Highway to Hell
Part the Third:
I Shall Not Fear Deep Waters
Part the Fourth:
How Long
Part the Fifth:
Spirits in the Material World
Part the Sixth:
Banking on a Myth
Part the Seventh:
Part the Eighth:
When I was a Young Girl
Part the Ninth:
A Coral Room
Part the Tenth:
Cake or Death
Part the Eleventh:
Deep Eddy
Part the Twelfth:
Hot Night
About the Author
Molly Demeter Sokolow Hayden (or Modemeter, for obvious reasons of length) grew up surrounded by her father’s comic book collection, sometimes literally. She fell in love with Will Eisner’s Spirit at an inappropriately young age and wishes she could draw like Jaime Hernandez. She lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband, her daughter, and her cat, and sneaks down to her drawing table whenever she can.
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